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MA in Education Management and Leadership

Starts in April, July, October and January

Management and Leadership in Education- Advanced Entry Program

One of the most important pillars around which a civilization is built is its educational system. Education provides each person with the greatest possible opportunity of successfully navigating the uncertain future that lies ahead in a world that is more interconnected and dynamic. On the other hand, leading an educational team or organization is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge.

The Master of Arts in Education Management and Leadership program is intended for those who have aspirations of becoming leaders in educational organizations or who are presently working in such capacities.

You will engage in critical conversation as well as the exploration of ideas and topics that are foundational to effective leadership in a number of educational situations. In addition to this, you will think about the social, political, cultural, and policy aspects that may have an effect on your leadership role. Those who want to enter or advance their careers in educational leadership roles are the perfect candidates for this program.

Your key leadership and management abilities will be developed during the course of the program. You will be responsible for doing research that promotes growth and improves your professional practice. This will enable you to make a positive difference in the classroom or within an educational organization.

Students who already have relevant experience and either a recognized Postgraduate Diploma (PgD) in Education Management and Leadership or an equivalent certification are eligible to enroll in the Advanced Entry route program offered by the university.

Entry requirements

Students who want to get enrolled in the course are required to provide the following supporting documents:

  • A relevant Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma such as Qualifi Level 7 Diploma in Educational Management and Leadership (students need to submit both certificate and transcript on application)
  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent or higher qualification
  • A copy of your valid photo ID
  • An updated Curriculum Vitae (a minimum of two years’ worth of management or professional experience at the graduate level; a summary of duties for each position.)
  • A level pass in English.
  • Award of Bachelor’s degree which was studied and assessed in English

Information of the Program and its Execution

The Advanced Entry route program is a good alternative for those who are serious about advancing their careers in upper-level management, since it requires them to complete the Research Methods module and a Consultancy Project Report on a topic of their choosing.

Strategy for Research- Including the Proposal for Future Study.

The webinars on “Induction” and “Research Methods,” which come at the beginning of the program, provide you the opportunity to complete the proposal you’ve been working upon in your research.

The Consulting Report

The Consultancy Project Report gives students an opportunity to research a specific area of interest inside a company. The goal of this module is to improve students’ professional and intellectual growth by giving them opportunities to demonstrate persistent independent thought, learning, and critical reflection.
Through theoretical and conceptual research, this program addresses a problem with the company’s strategic planning. The final product of the student consultancy is a report.
Completing the Advanced Entry route program with the help of your assigned supervisor for the final Consultancy Project Report module should take between 6 and 9 months.

Student Support

We want our students to get the most out of their investment in their future by taking our course.
Our academic staff, including your program manager and supervisor, will be there for you every step of the way to ensure your success.