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Western Global University takes pride in its strong research culture and high volume of papers that it produces. Cutting-edge research is conducted by our professors, researchers, and students in a variety of disciplines, greatly advancing knowledge and practice in their respective professions. We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that promotes creativity, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence.

WGU Research Publications

Sl No Candidate Name Article Name DOI Number/Published ID
1 FAHD MOHAMAD FAROUSSI Nano materials based encapsulation of probiotic bacteria for oral drug delivery IJSRED-V6I4P88
2 FAHEEM BALOCH ABDUL RASHEED Impact of poor Quality in Occupational Health & safety Management  
3 AFTAB SHABAN AHMED The Effectiveness of financial Risk Management Strategies in reducing exposure to Market Risk  
4 HARISAN RAVINDRAN Assessing the effectiveness of safety management systems in preventing accidents and injuries IJSRED-V6I5P60
5 HADISEH HAJIMASHHADI Investigating the Impact of Daylighting Strategies on Energy
Efficiency and Occupant Comfort in Buildings
6 VANUSHA TENGRY Unlocking the Secrets of Employee Retention- Strategies to Reduce Turnover and Boost Engagement – A Quantitative Study IJSRED-V6I6P99
7 QAISAR ABBAS  The Impact of Personalization Strategies on Consumer Engagement and Conversion Rates in Digital Marketing  
8 KHALEEQ AHMED KHAN Electrical Hazards in Construction: Evaluating Prevention Strategies and Risk Mitigation Techniques ISSN: 2582-6425
9 MOHAMMED MUKTHAR AHAMAD Investigating the implications of Artificial intelligence on occupational health   
10 MUHAMMAD AMIN Blockchain-based Secure Sharing of Electronic Health Records  
11 AYESHA IRAM Advances and Challenges in Deep Learning for Medical Imaging: A Comprehensive Survey and Case Studies  
12 NASIR MEHMOOD Promoting Sustainable Leadership Practices in a Globalized World  
13 ABDULLAH SULTAN HASSAN Advancing Urban Sustainability: Exploring the Role of Energy Management Systems in Achieving Carbon Neutrality  
14 MOHAMMAD NISAR AHMAD Exploring the Nexus between Innovation, Knowledge Management, and Firm Performance  
15 VIJESH VIJAYAN Advancing Autonomous Corrosion Protection: Design, Synthesis, and Performance of Smart Coatings  
16 FAHD MOHAMAD FAROUSSI Quantitative Research on Nanostructured Materials for Probiotic
Bacteria Encapsulation in Oral Drug Delivery Applications
17 FAHEEM BALOCH ABDUL RASHEED Examining the Relationship Between Poor Quality in Occupational Health & Safety Management and Workplace Accidents: A Quantitative Analysis  
18 HARISAN RAVINDRAN MItigating Risks: Enhancing Occupational Health & Safety Through Quality Management IJSRED-V7I1P9
19 AFTAB SHABAN AHMED The Role of Financial Risk Management in Enhancing Market Risk Resilience  
20 HADISEH HAJIMASHHADI Optimizing Building Efficiency and Comfort through Daylighting Strategies: A Comprehensive Analysis  
21 VANUSHA TENGRY Unlocking the Secrets of Employee Retention- Strategies to Reduce Turnover and Boost Engagement – A Quantitative Study  
22 KHALEEQ AHMED KHAN Enhancing Electrical Safety in Construction: Evaluating Strategies and Mitigation Techniques  
23 MOHAMMED MUKTHAR AHAMAD Exploring Stakeholder Perceptions and Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence Integration in Occupational Health and Safety Practices  
24 MUHAMMAD AMIN Blockchain Revolutionizing Healthcare: Securing Electronic Health Records for Seamless Interoperability  
25 VIJESH VIJAYAN Advanced Synthesis and Evaluation of Smart Coatings for Enhanced Corrosion Protection:Integrating Self-Healing Agents and Nanoparticles  
26 MOHAMMAD NISAR AHMAD Unlocking Organizational Success: Integrating Innovation and Knowledge Management Practices  
27 ABDULLAH SULTAN HASSAN Driving Towards Carbon Neutrality: Exploring the Role of Energy Management Systems in Urban Environments  
28 NASIR MEHMOOD Navigating Complexity: Unraveling Sustainable Leadership for Global Success and Societal Well-being  
29 AYESHA IRAM Artificial Intelligence for Early Detection and Intervention in Infectious Diseases IJSRED-V7I3P96
30 QAISAR ABBAS  Navigating the Digital Customer Service Landscape: Comprehensive Insights Beyond Response Times  

Research Facilities: 
The resources and instruments required for ground-breaking research are available at our cutting-edge research facilities. Among these are:

  • Cutting-edge technology is used in these state-of-the-art laboratories.
  • Academic publications, books, and digital resources are all abundantly available in comprehensive libraries.
  • Workplaces that foster collaboration and support multidisciplinary research and innovation.

Opportunities for Students:
We provide plenty of options for students to participate in research projects. Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in their subject of interest and contribute to ground-breaking discoveries through a variety of opportunities, including doctorate research programs and undergraduate research assistantships.